Channel Manager

Connect to fastest-growing segment of today’s travel industry, including sites such as and Expedia.

Booking Engine

Effective booking engine for your hotel website to attract,reach and convert guests direct.


Monitor all reviews, your competitors, identify influential guests, and increase direct bookings.

PMS for small hotel

This Property Management Solution is the heart of your operations. Its powerful and easy to use.

Over 300+ hotels
work with our solutions

Every day we improve our system for you.

Full responsive

Works on all devices without losing the powerful functionality.


Analyze the performance of your hotel, as well as information about your guests.



Platform to organize and track interaction with clients, partners, agents and other contacts.


We are able to integrate with any system using REST API.


We offer the best prices

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Connectone PMS can be activated with configurations and modules to suit any type of hotel. It does not charge any commission and can be activated with an annual fee that includes all services: assistance, security and all updates.

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Our team works in the market of the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. We are looking for partners for joint development in all countries of the world, create the best service for the hospitality industry.

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